Bird Watching

An abundance of birdlife and wildlife including wallabies, possums and gliders.

Brinawa Birds and Bush Retreat provides a varied and interesting bird watching experience.While the winter months do provide some activity like lyre birds nesting the best time for birding is in the spring and summer months. Rainforest species like noisy pittas, catbirds, bower birds, bassian thrushes and so on are active in the rainforest while around the gardens, ponds and dams the smaller honeyeaters, finches and wrens are busy nesting and feeding.

The surrounding cliffs provide nesting sites for peregrine falcons and other raptors such as goshawks, wedgetails and pacific bazas are frequent visitors. The forest adjacent to Brinawa is a designated owl habitat area and at different times of the year sooty, powerful, boobook, barking, masked and tawny frogmouths can be heard and seen.

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